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ABSENCE BECOMES ABSESS * i’ve made wishes on you through the veil of time / touching your heart is like touching eternity / on broken wings i fly all through your psyche / hoping that on the other side you’d find some way to come find me / i’d give you my heart if you only asked me to / give you my meat to sharpen your teeth on / give you my skin if yours ever feels too thin / give you my bones just to strengthen your own / wind shaped like you brushes over my lips / there are plenty of things that i could say to you / but i’m not sure that i’d like to say them and i’m not sure if i’d like to hear them
MATTERS OVER MINE * i’ve got no head i’ve got no feet i got no bones can’t find no piece / i got no heart don’t need no bones just wanna die when i’m alone / i’m turning blue i’m in catharsis i’ve been subdued i am in a carcass / you can tell crows overhead, i guess they’d know when something’s dead / MINDOVERMATTEROVERMATTEROVERMATTER / more the former than the latter, i ain’t shy it just don’t matter / i’d be glad for what you got a little pain that hurt a lot / a little shame to stay in line, a little sin to pass the time / a little love a little hate a great big sky my stupid fate
THE SONG OF THE VAMPIRES * when i see it it stares back at me - i cry! - when you look through me i’d like to die, i should walk away - i’d rather break through he window than look through it once more - i sigh! - when i look through you i’d like to die, as you walk away - i’d rather walk into the sea than to watch you walk away from me - i cry! - when you walk through me, i’d like to die...as you walk away, i should walk away
I’VE KNOWN YOU FOR SO LONG * i have seen the dark feathers gathering outside my door / they’ve been there for so long i hardly see them at all anymore / i have seen the dark shadows gathering outside your eyes / and i know if i could still weep i’d always find time to cry for you...i’ve forgotten how to cry / haven’t you ever noticed the way my eyes always find your wrists / haven’t you ever heard that i sound insane when i say your name / i’ve been owning the not-knowing for so long that i forgot to grow / and i know if i could still sigh, i’d always find time to breathe with you...but i’ve forgotten how to cry
PUZZLE PIECES * yes i’ve seen that eyes are mean / i’ve been the one in the light / can you guess the emptiness that lies behind every grin? puzzle pieces on the floor made of time and terror / can you guess the bitterness that lies behind every grin? under time i made it quiet / layered dreams on lies and built a life on it / under time i made it quiet / layered dreams on lies and forced a fit / beautiful hands of snow and ice / caressing my eyes / as i gaze out window panes / at flower mazes i can’t touch / and if you ask me if you make me unhappy / all that i can say is that you are me / and unhappiness is just one of your moods that i fall out of and into
I RAN FOR THE SEA * i have lost my true love...i ran for the sea and took her memories with me / i cut her to pieces and blamed all her cuts / while i hide my face all day / i’m just a folded piece of paper in your hand / for when you get old / and i’m a ghost
PSYCHIC SPIRIT * (written by Harmony Rose, Brent Larson, Michelle Rocquet aka The Milk Blossoms, love to them) i saw an angel in white / she told me everything would be alright / spoiled your name in the passengers seat / showed up on the license plate in front of me / that’s why i’m singing now to you, tell me when it’s my turn to move / i’ve been having the same dream / going on a decade running / a film that i never paid for / sat in the back on the floor too poor / that’s why i’m singing now to you, tell me when it’s my turn to move / foaming at the briney brim / of the wave i’m currently in / not a shore thing anymore / staring at your face at the bottom of the ocean floor / that’s why i’m singing now to you tell me when it’s my turn to move
Deep Dreams 03:14
DEEP DREAMS * deep dreams, learning to breathe, learning to sleep, where we keep, we keep our dreams...under the sea / i am always ticking faster i am always ticking faster i am always ticking faster i am always ticking faster i am always ticking ticking ticking


All Songs Written By Sara Century, except Psychic Spirit, which was written by The Milk Blossoms.

Recorded By Between Youth

Tinyamp Records 2013


released November 6, 2013


all rights reserved



Tinyamp Records Denver, Colorado

We are a cassette label and music collective based in Denver, Colorado.

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